Al Hekook Law Firm  provides a comprehensive range of legal services to a diverse array of commercial, industrial, and financial clients both in Kuwait and internationally. Al Hekook Law Firm provides legal advising and solutions to meet the most stringent needs of customers through dedication and innovation.

Al Hekook Law Firm comprises highly qualified professionals able to provide timely effective legal services and advice. The Firm specializes in Business and Commercial Law, including - inter alia- Capital Markets, M&A's, Banking, Corporate, Commercial Agencies, and Real- Estate Development projects. Moreover, the Firm has a strong Procedures and Government Relations Department, which carries out all relevant corporate and administrative matters for the Firm's Clients.

Al Hekook Law Firm  counsel and attorneys have developed expertise in a variety of areas of law and had represented variety of multinational companies and institutions by providing them the legal opinions as well as handling their judicial cases and executed their awards and judgments.

Al Hekook Law Firm in association with numerous international firms like Morgan, Lewis & Bockius (USA, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia) and Recken Bach & Partners Office in Switzerland. In addition to the above, Al Hekook law firm is also association with numerous regional Law firms in the Arabian Gulf region  and Arab countries. It's worth mentioning that our firm has registered as member in Martindale and  HG.org

Biotechnology and Life Sciences 

Biotechnology is one of the dominant industries of the 21st century. As is well known, we are interested in everything new. Therefore, we provide biotechnology companies the broad range of legal services necessary for success in the new millennium. 

Al Hekook Law Firm  is versed in a variety of biotechnology law and life science fields including, but not limited to: genomics; pharmaceuticals; transgenic biology; gene therapy; cloning technology; therapeutics; diagnostics; pest control; agriculture; animal health related innovations; human health care services; molecular and human genetics; environmental and industrial related biotech developments. Al Hekook Law Firm have significant technical knowledge and advanced degrees in a broad array of biotechnology-related fields including: targeted gene regulation; tissue engineering; stem cells; express sequence tags; bioremediation; bio-refining; gene cloning; automated DNA sequencing; nucleic acid amplification methods; and plant, animal and microbial genetics. 

In addition, Al Hekook Law Firm specialize in drafting the Contract of; Access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of their utilization; Bio-prospecting and release of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into the Environment.