Mesha'al Abd Al-Aziz Al-Namash

Mr.  Mesha'al Al-Namash has 25 years of local and international experience in Business Law, including Commercial Law, Capital Markets and Corporate. He advises on major transactions taking place in Kuwait and in the Middle East related to the commercial law. Also, he possesses extensive expertise in civil law and criminal law.. 

Moreover, Mr. Al-Namash worked as arbitrator in many local and regional disputes and he is a Lawyer before the Cour de Cassation and the Constitutional Court, and he is a member of the receivers' schedule at Ministry of Justice since 2003. Mr. Al-Namash is currently a chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Leasing and Investment Company, a member of the International Barristers Association (IBA) in London, United Kingdom, a member of the Union Barristers Association (UBA), a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Lawyers Association since 2006, and general secretary of the Federation of GCC Lawyers since 2006.

Mr. Al-Namash participated in numerous conferences, including, the conference which was held at the GCC Arbitration Center, the Kingdom of Bahrain at arbitration in corporate law, the conference which was held in Beirut in 1998, in Portugal in 2003, at International Barristers Conference, Lebanon, the first meeting of GCC Law Firms which was held in Bahrain in 2003, the third  meeting of GCC Law Firms, which was held in the Sultanate of Oman in 2005, the fourth meeting of GCC Law Firms which was held in Kuwait in 2006, and the fifth meeting of GCC Law Firms which was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2007.

Mr. Al-Namash has read law at Alexandria University (Egypt).

 Nedhal Mohammed Al-Humaidan

Mrs. Nedhal Al-Humaidan, A practicing attorney for more than 23 years, she specializes in administrative and criminal disputes and intellectual property. She regularly acts as counsel and arbitrator in many disputes. She also regularly represents governmental entities and financial intuitions before different courts.  

 Mrs. Al-Humaidan is a lawyer before the Cour  de  Cassation and the Constitutional Court. She is a member, on scheduled (D), of the arbitration center of Kuwait Lawyers Association since 2004, a member of the receivers' schedule at Ministry of Justice since 2003, a member of the Lawyers Disciplinary Council since April 2005, a member of the General Committee for Assignment and Distribution of Residential Alternatives, and a member of the Board of Directors of Sabaek Leasing and Investment Company. 

She worked as legal advisor for the Vice Prime Minister for  The Economic Affairs, the Minister of State for Development Affairs, the Minister of State for Housing Affairs from December 16, 2009 to December 31, 2011. Also, She worked as legal adviser, in the  Ministry of Information from 1999 to 2006, in the Human Rights Committee, the Kuwaiti National Assembly's in 2006. 

She participated in many legal symposia and International Conferences as a lecturer. She chaired the Ministry of Information team charged of laying down the amendments to the Intellectual Property Law, which was passed on January 9, 2000. She, also chaired the committee Kuwait Lawyers Association  for preparing  the Intellectual Property law from 2003 to 2006, as well as, she  participated in  preparing and drafting a number of Kuwaiti Laws. She participated with numerous wipo's experts in drafting the Intellectual Property Law in Kuwait. She compiled the legal department of the National Family Encyclopedia in the educational committee of the Amiri Diwan in 1997.  

She has played a key role in drafting new legislation and developing existing legislation as adviser to the various governmental entities and as member of the national drafting committees on many important laws, such as Civil Status Law in 1999, the Juveniles Law, Parentage Law, and  Rent Law.

Mrs. Al-Humaidan is a visiting Professor at Kuwait University. She lectured also in many conferences and symposia and has numerous research, we will state some of them:

· A research titled "women in the Kuwaiti Penal Code" submit in the first conference on the role of women in social, cultural, and economic development which was held in 1994.

·  A research titled " Litigation Impediments Procedures" submit at a seminar which was held by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice on  March 10, 1998.

· Research submit at a seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Law, Writers Association on  November 8, 2000.

· Research titled "small projects for Ambitious Youth"  submit in the conference of "Developing commercial franchise " which was organized by the Gulf Franchising Company on October 11, 2004.

· Research submit at a seminar on travel ban measures which was held by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice on June 16, 2007.

She lecture also, on numerous occasions, for newly graduated Kuwaiti Lawyers at the Public Institution for Social Insurance. Mrs. Al-Humaidan read law at  Kuwait University.