Naif Al-Shimmary

Mr. Naif Al-Shimmary is the head of Administrative department and the  Manager of the Execution department since May 9, 1999 and he had abroad experience in the following up all type of cases before different courts and  execution the Judgments. He obtained his law degree from Mansoura University (Egypt).

The members of this department- which is seven- have extensive experience for doing the task they had undertaken. The law firm has specialized paralegals in the following up cases before different Courts and execution of Judgments.

Department's Clerks :
  1. Adel Ibrahem Abdel Hafez
  2. Hany Abdel kawy Foad
  3. Abdel Haleem Abdel Hady
  4. Ezzat Salah Hossain
  5. Mohamed Gabr Mousa Alzefery
  6. Salah Hammad Sayyah Alshemmery
  7. Abdullah Khaled Alshemmery
  8. Faisl Hammad Sayyah Alshemmery
  1. Tamer Alsayed Mohamed Halema
  2. Amal Anees Shokry Ahmed


 Wael Mohammed Abu Helal (Financial Manager)

Mr. Wael  Abu Helal possesses extensive expertise in preparing balance sheets, financial analysis and drafting reports on receiverships. He worked in numerous law firms and company in Kuwait.

Mr. Abu Helal graduated from the faculty of commerce- Assiut University in 2002.